Api docs for Checkout.

GET /checkout/

List payment methods with salesman.checkout.payment.PaymentMethod.basket_payment() implemented. Show error message if it exist.

    "payment_methods": [
            "identifier": "pay-in-advance",
            "label": "Pay in advance",
            "error": null
POST /checkout/

Process the checkout. Get redirect URL to either the next payment step or the order success page. Depending on the used payment method redirect to this URL.

    "url": "http://localhost:8000/api/orders/last/?token=2ObSviY4oVR-2qa-wTsJ6AsYQWuzscb-jCpv80ueclM"
JSON Parameters:
  • email (str) – customer email

  • shipping_address (string) – shipping address text

  • billing_address (string) – billing address text

  • payment_method (string) – payment method used to purchase

  • extra (json) – update basket extra, null values are removed

Status Codes: