Swappable models - 2022-03-16


  • Added Swappable models feature allowing to cusomize all Salesman models.

  • Added select_related_fields to Order serializer Meta allowing for more control over the queryset in views.

  • Added additional Basket modifier hooks for “setup” and “finalize”, updated docs for modifiers.


  • Refactored Admin module.

  • Renamed prefetched_fields to prefetch_related_fields in Order serializer Meta.

  • Renamed api.py modules to views.py.

  • Modifier add_extra_row method now requires request as argument and accepts additional optional identifier argument.

  • Removed get_statuses class method and statuses property on Order model in favor of new Status class property.


  • Removed support for Django 3.0.

  • Removed format_customer admin formatter.

  • Removed salesman.core.models.JSONField in favor of Django’s models.JSONField.


This update requires migrations to be run.